Barcelona, 1982

Hello there! This is Jordi, spanish illustrator that loves comics, animation and all kind of design and arts.

I usually work in animation, videogames and editorial with a cartoony style, besides I also have my own personal style: drawings about feelings, emotions, music, kinki beautiful girls and love, using a colorful, but limited color palette. My clients includes Bee Square Games, Social Point, Cambridge University Press, Norma Editorial, SM ediciones, RBA, Penguin Random House or El País.

Here you can see a selection of my work, meanwhile I’m still thinking about what would be the next move I need to take in my career.

Meanwhile you also can follow my work at Behance: behance.net/villaisdrawing and Instagram: instagram.com/villaisdrawing

If you want to contact me to propose a project or to have a chat, don’t doubt to write me an email to: villaisdrawing@gmail.com, would be a pleasure to talk with you!